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Root Canal Therapy in McKinney

smiling dental patientRoot canal therapy in McKinney, Prosper, and Frisco, sometimes simply called a root canal, is the boogeyman of the dental world. Many people are afraid of this treatment because they believe it is extremely painful — but that is far from the truth! In fact, this restorative procedure has the potential to relieve your pain, save a damaged tooth, and get your oral health back on track.

How Do I Know if I Need a Root Canal?

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A root canal is necessary when the pulp (a tooth’s innermost layer) suffers from damage or infection. This may occur when decay reaches beyond the tooth’s outer layers, or when trauma breaks a tooth and exposes the tooth to the ravages of the outside world. In some cases, the pulp inside the tooth stops receiving blood from the rest of our body, resulting in what is called a “dead tooth;” this situation may also require a root canal.

Here are some common symptoms that indicate you may need root canal therapy:

Do you suspect you need a root canal? It is important to see your dentist as soon as possible. If an infection is allowed to run rampant, it may cause bone damage, fever, and systemic health problems.

How Does Root Canal Therapy Work?

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Once your dentist in McKinney determines that you have a problem with the pulp inside your tooth, they’ll discuss your treatment choices with you. Extraction is typically an option, but it will be better for your oral health in the long run if you opt to save the tooth with root canal therapy. Once you give your dentist the go-ahead for the procedure, the following steps may take place:

What Happens After a Root Canal?

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Some patients experience a level of swelling and tenderness after root canal therapy, though this is often nothing compared to the pain they were dealing with before their procedure. If you carefully follow your dentist’s instructions for caring for the site after you get home, you shouldn’t have a problem managing your discomfort.

Once you’ve healed from your procedure, you’ll feel much better! Your tooth will once again be strong and healthy, and thanks to a beautifully crafted crown, no one will even have to know that you’ve had some work done.

Root canals are nothing to be afraid of. If you suspect you need this treatment, please contact us so Dr. Lee can assess your situation and get you on the road back to a healthy smile.

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