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Metal Braces – McKinney, TX

Resolve All Levels of Crooked and Misaligned Teeth

A young girl with metal braces.

If your goal is to realign crooked, misaligned, crowded or otherwise gapped teeth, there are few treatments as effective and reliable as traditional metal braces. Whether you’re a parent with a child who needs to address issues before they appear or an adult who never got the chance in the first place, Dr. Rana Lee can provide you with metal braces in McKinney! To learn more about the benefits, process of treatment and why it’s ideal to have care provided all under one roof, give our office a call!

What are Traditional Braces?

An adult woman with braces.

Traditional braces are an orthodontic treatment that have been around for several decades now. They are designed to gently shift teeth into a straighter and healthier position through the use of several brackets threaded by an arch wire. While the brackets and wires are made from metal, the bands that wrap around the brackets are made from a flexible rubber. These bands influence upper and lower teeth movement and keep the arch wire in place.

What are the Benefits?

A young girl with braces.

When you are suffering from severe levels of misalignment, crowding, crooked teeth, or gaps, metal braces are by far the most effective treatment you can pursue. This not only makes your smile look straighter and often more attractive, but it also makes at-home oral care much easier to perform. Fewer gaps in your teeth means fewer chances for food debris and plaque to get trapped, allowing them to develop decay. Crooked teeth are also less likely to rub up against each other, leading to permanent erosion of enamel.

Furthermore, metal braces are ideal for resolving all forms of uneven bites (also known as malocclusions), including:

What is the Process?

A woman giving a thumbs up.

After performing a detailed examination of your mouth, Dr. Lee will schedule you to have the metal hardware applied at a later date. The process begins by performing a detailed cleaning of your mouth, then drying your teeth so the brackets can properly adhere. Dr. Lee starts by applying a small amount of dental glue to your teeth, then the bracket so that it stays affixed. To keep the braces anchored, metal bands are then glued to your back molars. Finally, an arch wire is threaded through the brackets. A series of bands are placed around the brackets to keep the arch wire in place. Dr. Lee will make sure to cut the arch wire short enough so that it doesn’t touch your gums or teeth. Prior to the bands being put on, she’ll ask you which colors you’d prefer to wear, including clear ones if you’d like to make your braces less noticeable.

Why It’s Better to Have Orthodontics In-House

While Dr. Lee provides orthodontic treatment in-house, it’s far from the only service you can have done at TriCorner Dentistry. Traditionally, dentists will refer their patients to an orthodontist offsite so they can perform independent checkups. Traveling from office to office can be very inconvenient, especially if you have multiple family members who need braces placed. When you visit TriCorner Dentistry, you never have to worry about getting all of your family members seen as well as your other routine preventive treatments completed under one roof.

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