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Cosmetic Dentist in McKinney

Woman with flawless smile Study after study has shown the power of a beautiful smile. Researchers around the world have revealed that when a person has a beautiful and pristine set of white teeth, words like attractive, intelligent, and professional immediately pop into people’s heads. Wouldn’t you love it if your smile made people think that about you? With just one or two simple cosmetic treatments, Dr. Rana Lee and our team can give you the kind of smile that guarantees that you always make the right first impression.

Porcelain Veneers

Young woman with beautiful smile

With just this one treatment, we can:

Porcelain veneers are one of the most comprehensive cosmetic treatments available today, and they can give you everything from a slight boost to a complete smile makeover. Each set is completely custom-made, so it is entirely up to you. They are extremely thin porcelain coverings that are bonded directly to your teeth, and you can get them in as little as two visits.

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Lumineers are very similar to porcelain veneers in that they are excellent when it comes to fixing/masking a variety of cosmetic flaws with just one treatment. The only difference is that lumineers are a bit thinner and require your teeth to be prepared a bit less, which is perfect for people who would like to “test drive” their new smile before committing to a longer lasting treatment like porcelain veneers.

Metal-Free Dental Restorations

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When one of the front teeth is damaged, it requires a special treatment to provide the right kind of solution. You can’t simply give a patient an artificial-looking metal crown on a tooth that people will see every day. They need a solution that is strong, beautiful and helps them smile with confidence again. That is why, when it comes to this situation, we will only use metal-free restorations.

With these all-porcelain crowns, inlays, and onlays, we can rebuild your tooth so that it looks like nothing ever happened. These restorations are so lifelike that only you will know that you’ve had dental work, and you’ll be able to trust them whether you’re simply smiling, laughing, or biting into an apple. This treatment truly combines the best when it comes to both restorative and cosmetic dentistry, and they deliver the same results every time: a happy patient with a gorgeous smile.

Direct Tooth Bonding

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If you have a small chip or crack on your teeth, then we have a quick and easy treatment that can fix it in just about an hour. It’s called direct bonding, and for this, Dr. Lee will apply a putty-like composite resin to your tooth and use it to sculpt away any and all imperfections. After that, you’re done, and your new smile will be ready for the world! With the proper oral hygiene (brushing, flossing, and checkups) the results can easily last for many years.

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Teeth Whitening (At-Home and In-Office)

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Of all the things in the world that people would like to improve about their smile, the color of their teeth is probably the most common. Nothing looks better than a set of dazzling white teeth, and no one knows that better than someone whose smile may be stained by coffee, wine, smoking, or aging.

If you’d like your smile to truly shine, our practice can help you by offering two professional whitening treatments that will deliver much more dramatic and longer lasting results than anything you can find at the store today.

For the person on the go, we can provide a complete treatment in our office using the Opalescence Boost system. This procedure only takes about an hour, and it can make your smile look up to 8 shades whiter! In fact, thanks to Opalescence’s patented bleaching gel, you won’t even have to deal with the sensitivity that is so common after teeth whitening because it contains fluoride that will strengthen your enamel.

If you’d like to whiten your smile more gradually, we can provide you with an Opalescence take-home kit. It will contain a set of mouth trays filled with bleaching gel, and after using them for just 20 minutes every day for two weeks, your smile will be whiter than it ever has before.

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Crown Lengthening

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Would you say that you have a “gummy” smile? Do your teeth appear short and stubby? The perfect smile has just the right balance of teeth, lips, and gums, and too much or too little of any of these elements can really affect your appearance. If your smile is held back by an excess of gum tissue, we can fix it using a simple treatment called crown lengthening. Using a highly-advanced soft-tissue laser, Dr. Lee can painlessly eliminate gum tissue to expose more of your natural teeth.